How have modified Australian permanent residency requirements affected you?

Australia has changed its PR visa rules due to which it’s quite important to know about all the changes. Now, as per the new visa rules which will apply to this country, the candidates need to have 65 points. So, this way, candidates can easily immigrate to this country. So, Australian permanent residency requirements have been changed immensely by the government.

Better manage your IELTS score because Australian PR points are 65 instead of 60 now

So, due to the higher point requirement, candidates have to work harder to get the Australia PR IELTS requirement. With 65 points, a candidate has to score higher points applicable to the IELTS score needed for the Australian PR. The candidates have to work hard for this requirement. A candidate should have superior English levels without which he can’t  get these 65 points. He should have, 8 in every segment of IELTS. If the candidate isn’t able to get this much score in the IELTS exam, then the alternative exam for him is the (PTE) Academic. This exam also requires a high score(79 in every one of the 4 segments) for a candidate’s English level to be considered superior. The candidate must know that he must have attained these scores in any of these exams in 3 years before applying for the Australian PR otherwise they are not valid. Our consultants will do the mathematics for you how you can get the IELTS or the PTE academic score eligible to make you immigrate to this country.

How the increase of points has actually affected candidates?

Requirements of labor change for Australian states: After such changes, the candidates have to go through the 190 visa route to get the Australian PR now. This is not so easy given the job requirements in different states of Australia for this visa. Now, how to tackle such requirements? Every Australian state has its own demand and requirements of labor. They are in different occupations. The short-term skilled occupation list (STSOL), is generated for the states of Australia indicating occupations for which some labor from outside Australia is needed.  So, it’s our job to let you know for which state you are eligible based on the STSOL of the state.

MLTSSL is also eligible for the 190 visa: Apart from the STSOL, the MLTSSL(Medium and long-term strategic skills list), is also valid, for the 190 visa. This MLTSSL is another collection of occupations through which a candidate can get the 190 visa needed for immigration to a certain Australian state.

For example, the profile of “chemistry technician” is right now open for nomination in the Northern Territory. This profile is also open for immigration applications in the state of Tasmania. So, when you come to us, you avail the assistance about which profile is open when and when it is closed for immigration applications. This is how you get to file your immigration application at the ideal time without getting late.

So, with the change in the Australian permanent residency requirements and the need for heightened Australia PR IELTS requirement, you need our urgent help to immigrate to Australia.

Get our professional help in the procedure for Canada PR

The procedure for Canada PR is long and requires the supervision of someone who has dealt with such cases in the past. That’s why; an immigration consultant is of use to you. This procedure starts with the step of getting theeducational credential assessment (ECA) done.The World Education Services provides you with this ECA report.This is how thisprocedure for getting the Canada PRis initiated.

Now, the next step in this regard is to, give the IELTS exam. This exam is needed for everyone who wants to get the Canada PR. This exam tests how well you will be able to cope up with, the needs of the English language in Canada.

The ECA report is generated for 5 years and can be used for the purpose of Express Entry for this time period. After this period has elapsed, you need to have your ECA done again. 

So, the step-by-step procedure for Canada PR includes:

  • WES is not enough for doctors: For doctors who want to practice in this country of Canada, a separate report is to be generated by the Medical Council of Canada. This kind of assessment is needed so that the doctors are able to get a license to continue in Canada. Similarly, for pharmacists, an assessment report by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada is needed.This is again equivalent to a license for the pharmacists to continue in Canada.
  • Scores for IELTS should be great: The Canada process for PR requires a candidate to have the best scores in IELTS. These scores can’t be less than 6 in every IELTS portion. 
  • The candidate has to wait for an approval: The candidate can get an approval depending on what is his total score in IELTS, education, and the relevant experience. The candidate has to get some time before his approval comes as per the immigration program for which he has applied.

Situational advantages in the process for getting Canada PR

The candidate will get an approval as per the Canada PR process depending on his situation. This situation depends on what is his IELTS band score and has he been able to get some employment in Canada. If a person has some members of his family staying in Canada, there is nothing better than this. It’s because for every living Canadian relative an immigrant gets 15 points. If a candidate aspiring to get immigration has a sibling who has a PR of Canada, 15 points are guaranteed. So, the candidates have everything sorted out for them by an immigration consultant like us. We know all the steps of the Canada process for PR which are essential to follow.

The candidate gets our complete help and advice which is essential for him for the Canada PR to happen successfully. The  process for Canada PR can also involve, investment by the candidate in a certain province. For example, the province of Quebec as per its, Quebec immigrant investor program needs an investment of 1.2 million CAD from an immigrant investor.

Consult us if you want to get the immigration to Canada from India faster

Immigration to Canada from India can happen for you if you have the most experienced of resources available for you. These resources know all the ups and downs of this procedure. The immigration process to Canada involves providing the IELTS exam results. It initially starts with providing the WES reports.

So, if you have both these reports at your aid, nothing is complicated. The government of Canada has authorized many kinds of immigration programs for the candidates. Following any one of these programs, the candidates can easily get the immigration to this country.

A large part of the population of this country lives in cities. So, you are going to immigrate to a really advanced country when you are thinking of going to Canada. The immigration consultants really let you know what immigration programs are possible for you because not all the candidates qualify for all the programs. There are some programs which are apt for candidates with Canadian education and some for those with Canadian experience.

Canadian education: For example, the province of Nova Scotia provides immigration to those who have done a post-secondary degree from a university here(International Graduate Entrepreneur Scheme of Nova Scotia). Apart from that, such graduates should also be running a business for a minimum period of one year in this province. So, such graduates can apply as per the International Graduate Entrepreneur program in this province. By having such educational and experience credentials, they can get the PR visa to Canada from India.

Apart from being eligible with Canadian education as per the provincial nomination programs,  if a candidate has the educational experience from Canada, he can also get points for it as per the Express Entry program of Canada. The post-secondary education in Canada can get you points depending on the duration for which you pursued it. For example, if you have done a degree of one or two years, from Canada, you can get 15 points however for a degree or diploma of 3 years or more, 30 points are granted as per the Express Entry system.

Canadian experience: This kind of experience is useful for a lot of candidates. The candidates can get immigration if they have enough amount of this experience. This kind of experience is useful if the candidate is applying as per the Canada experience class category. If you have worked in Canada for 2 or more years and have enough experience certificates to prove the same, you can get 50 points for it with a post-secondary degree. So, if you have 2 degrees attained after 12th standard from India and have some experience in Canada, you have high chances of becoming eligible for Canada immigration. 

Now, candidates can have a lot of advantages with the apt advice of the immigration consultants like us. There are a lot of advantages when you take advantage of our professional expertise. You can get to know which the program is for which to apply if you want to get immigration to Canada from India. So, get all the advice from us to get the visa from India to Canada.

Be in Canada for 6 months with a visa to visit Canada

A visa to visit Canada is needed by those who want to go to this country for the purpose of tourism. Canada has a lot of places which can be explored by anyone who wants to experience Canada. Notre-Dame Basilica which is one of the ancient churches of Canada is a must place to visit with avisitor visa to Canada.Located in Montreal in Quebec, this church was constructed in 1656.It has such beautiful interiors with its dome done in stained glass, a feature characteristic of the churches built in those times.Apart from Quebec,Vancouver also has a lot of interesting places due to which its reason enough to visit this place. The Vancouver Aquarium is an exquisite place to be at, where you can gaze at almost 50,000 ocean creatures. You can get a  glimpse of the rare ocean animals such as Walruses, Otters, Penguins and Sea Lions. Under the guidance of an animal trainer, a walk with a sea lion can be organized while you are in this aquarium.That’s why you should go to this place at least once with a Canadian working holiday visa.

A person who is getting the visitor visa Canadashould know that he should not plan to get a job while he is in the country on this visa.

A visitor visa to this country is useful for having an amazing time in Canada. This visato be in Canada is available for multiple journeys to this country where you can spend up to 6 months in a single visit. So, this visa, allows you to discover the country amazingly well. The single entry Canada tourist visa from India can allow you to be here for a single time only, which is unlike the multiple entry visa which is valid for a decade and several visits of 6 months to Canada are allowed.

An online application can be done for the visa to visit Canada by an immigration consultant like us.A Canada tourist visa does not cost you this much, provided you have knowledge of the formalities and the requirements. To apply for Canada tourist visa, you must be able to prove that you have all the valid reasons to go back to India after the visa expires.

Our immigration consultants show you how to prove that you have such valid reasons. Apart from that, the application for this Canada visitor visa can be done at the office of VFS Global. You can also have this application done on the website of Canada immigration and our immigration consultants are ready to do that for you. Only 100 CAD is needed as the application fees for this Canada tourist visa, both for single entry and multiple entries. The Indians also need to provide biometrics after their application for the visitor visa is approved. This biometrics are an essential component of the Canada tourist visa from India application and are a must.