How have modified Australian permanent residency requirements affected you?

Australia has changed its PR visa rules due to which it’s quite important to know about all the changes. Now, as per the new visa rules which will apply to this country, the candidates need to have 65 points. So, this way, candidates can easily immigrate to this country. So, Australian permanent residency requirements have been changed immensely by the government.

Better manage your IELTS score because Australian PR points are 65 instead of 60 now

So, due to the higher point requirement, candidates have to work harder to get the Australia PR IELTS requirement. With 65 points, a candidate has to score higher points applicable to the IELTS score needed for the Australian PR. The candidates have to work hard for this requirement. A candidate should have superior English levels without which he can’t  get these 65 points. He should have, 8 in every segment of IELTS. If the candidate isn’t able to get this much score in the IELTS exam, then the alternative exam for him is the (PTE) Academic. This exam also requires a high score(79 in every one of the 4 segments) for a candidate’s English level to be considered superior. The candidate must know that he must have attained these scores in any of these exams in 3 years before applying for the Australian PR otherwise they are not valid. Our consultants will do the mathematics for you how you can get the IELTS or the PTE academic score eligible to make you immigrate to this country.

How the increase of points has actually affected candidates?

Requirements of labor change for Australian states: After such changes, the candidates have to go through the 190 visa route to get the Australian PR now. This is not so easy given the job requirements in different states of Australia for this visa. Now, how to tackle such requirements? Every Australian state has its own demand and requirements of labor. They are in different occupations. The short-term skilled occupation list (STSOL), is generated for the states of Australia indicating occupations for which some labor from outside Australia is needed.  So, it’s our job to let you know for which state you are eligible based on the STSOL of the state.

MLTSSL is also eligible for the 190 visa: Apart from the STSOL, the MLTSSL(Medium and long-term strategic skills list), is also valid, for the 190 visa. This MLTSSL is another collection of occupations through which a candidate can get the 190 visa needed for immigration to a certain Australian state.

For example, the profile of “chemistry technician” is right now open for nomination in the Northern Territory. This profile is also open for immigration applications in the state of Tasmania. So, when you come to us, you avail the assistance about which profile is open when and when it is closed for immigration applications. This is how you get to file your immigration application at the ideal time without getting late.

So, with the change in the Australian permanent residency requirements and the need for heightened Australia PR IELTS requirement, you need our urgent help to immigrate to Australia.

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